Monday, August 16, 2010


Today's post is short because I have a massive to-do list. Two items are checked off already - I am working on a proposal and did up a blurb for it, which sounds simpler than it is but I'll be cryptic and say I can't tell you why; I sent an e-mail to someone I needed to be in touch with about distribution. I still have to put together a joint blog I'm working on that has to be turned in this week, I need to write a chunk on the WIP and I need to work on my revisions.  Add into it a smashing headache (I took tylenol 4's at 5:15 this morning, as it wasn't just my head but my whole body that ached) and I think this is one of those days I'll just have to push through.

Some posts to check out though:  Kate Walker's blog as she's quoted me in her series on conflict, and Tote Bags 'n' Blogs as my CP Michelle Styles posted about the Librarian event at the recent RWA conference.

Now back to my second cup of coffee....


  1. Feel better soon Donna - I hope the headache is gone. I knwo those massive To Do Lists, they never seem to get any shorter
    And thank you for letting me quote you - it's a great quote! (and I'll refer to you again later this week.)


  2. I'm intrigued about the blurb, you tease me!

    I second Kate about the quote :).

    I hope the headache disappears soon!