Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Don't Do Waiting Well

I need to be working on revisions.  Yesterday was interesting as I had rewritten the opening and meet and then had to work at blending it in to the existing story that I can keep. At one point I think my brain was ready to explode, and I know I have to go back through this chapter again and smooth out POV issues etc. In one version I'd written parts of scenes in one POV and in the other version had switched - now it is deciding whose head I need to be in and getting rid of the head hopping bits. And then there's the layering....and since my editor commented I was a little narrative heavy it's layering around the action, rather than adding to introspection.

So, that's on the go today.


I am waiting for things. I don't do waiting well.  For example, I've seen the cover for BREATHE but am told that it went back to cover art for a few font adjustments and I haven't seen the final version.  I keep haunting Samhain's Coming Soon pages because as soon as they start putting up November books it should be there - the release date is November 2. I wish I could share the cover!  I'm stupidly excited.

Then I realized that I should be getting both my hardbacks and my 2-in-1 Cherish paperbacks (UK) of PROUD RANCHER, PRECIOUS BUNDLE any day now.  They usually come 6-8 weeks in advance of release date. I haven't seen the hardback cover for that either. I'd like to get those copies and send a few out for reviews and hold a contest in September.

Then there's the cover for the UK Christmas anthology I'm in with Susan Meier, Barb Wallace, and Patricia Thayer. It's going to be out in December, so I would guess somewhere around mid-September we might FINALLY get to see the cover of it.

I think the waiting for these things is tied up with revisions to be honest. Revisions are hard and sometimes the crows of doubt really start swooping. It is nice to see covers and hold books in my hands as tangibles. Something real I can see and touch as I go through a manuscript line by line trying to make it better. I realized this year I am a results-based person.  So seeing and touching the results of my work really helps to keep me going.

But in the absence of all that, revisions still need to be done so I'm going to dodge my critique partner's whip and get back to it....


  1. Oh man, I am right with you. With book three to a series due, edits due on book two and three other WIP's in the works, all I can think about is my upcoming releases and cover art etc. Good luck in getting it all done! Maybe you should set small goals for yourself. Like a minimum of x amount of words etc. before you can surf the web or check your email for your cover art! I think that's what I'm going to do. No web until edits are done! Startinnnnnng NOW

  2. I do! 750 word chunk, revise 1 chapter. :-) And can we say "hooray for when school goes in"????? LOL.