Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Holiday Pics

So, since the 15th of July I've been on holidays.  We went to Alberta and British Columbia and were home for a whole 36 hours to do laundry and reassure our cat that we hadn't totally abandoned him before going to the inlaws for 5 days of fun. We got back yesterday afternoon. It has been crazy and fun and I'm a little tired from the late nights but also very ready to get back to work - and the first week of July I was convinced I never wanted to work again, so the break was a very good thing indeed.

Going back to Calgary was interesting.  I have to admit that the city itself isn't the draw.  We lived there for 12 years but at the point of our leaving I was ready to be done with being crammed in a city again.  There's just too much farm girl in me. However we stayed with friends while there and it was quieter than I expected - not to mention that the company was second to none.  :-) We picked up some things at the new CrossIron Mills mall, ate chinese food, played Canasta in the garden.

On the Sunday, we left early in the morning and drove to Kamloops, BC.  We could have flown, but we were all looking forward to the drive through the mountains once more.  The moment you get to the edge of the city and look west over the fields and foothills to the mountains - THIS is the Alberta I miss (even more than the 10% lower sales tax). 

We had a truly gorgeous day to drive, stopped in Golden BC for lunch and again in Salmon Arm at DeMille's Market - a fave tradition as we picked up Kurt's Sausage, buns at the bakery, fresh BC cherries, and Gort's Gouda cheese. 

We love the Shuswap Lake area, and so driving this route did actually make me a bit "homesick" for the west. As we reached the first part of the lake at Sicamous, with the marina to our left and the lake spread out to the right, my husband sighed and said, "The most beautiful place on earth".  I couldn't dispute him at that moment.  We had many good times camping in the Shuswap.

An hour past Salmon Arm is Kamloops and the home of my brother in law, where we stayed for 3 nights and had the most awesome time playing Rock Band on the PS3.  Everyone took turns on each instrument though my weakest was guitar and strongest the drums. Monday we all went walking near his house (this is the view from the path) and there were good times sitting on their deck with something cold to drink - Kamloops can get pretty smokin' hot. My sister in law and I drank spritzers and we generally just relaxed.

It seemed like no time at all and we were packed back in our rental car and driving to Calgary once more to stay with other friends...more on that tomorrow.

Meanwhile copy edits came while I was away and I am working on those as well as making sure we have some clean clothes, food in the house, and cutting the grass - as well as consoling a very miffed cat who has complained very vocally about our extended absence.


  1. Great pictures! And I'm so glad you were able to get away from the hectic pressure of writing for a much-deserved break. Refreshing!

  2. Loved seeing your travel pics, Donna. Looks like the whole family had a great time.

  3. lovely pics...nice journey...

  4. Sounds like a great holiday, Donna!

  5. So I'm guessing it's time for me to get glasses. When I first saw this post I thought it said Holiday Pies! Mmmmm. Or maybe my stomach was sending me a message. Anyway, gorgeous pics Donna, everyone needs a good holiday. Off now to hunt for some pies..

  6. Susan, pies sound awfully good. Our refrigerator is still bare!

    This was only the first 6 days...I have more pics of the last 6 in Calgary and then the five we just spent in Moncton with the inlaws.

    If I couldn't be at conference, I think this was the next best thing!

  7. Hi Donna! I'm heading to Calgary this week to visit family and loved your pics. My two dogs will be loved at their boarding space for a while.

  8. Those are incredible pictures