Sunday, August 29, 2010

Even better than cover squee is....

A first sale!

Congrats to Soraya Nicholas on her 2-book contract to Harlequin Romance (a lovely line to write for, even if I'm a little biased!)!  Soraya was my Pitch Contest winner back in January and I can tell you that she has a lovely voice and really knows how to tug on the old heartstrings.  I'm so happy for her! She's worked very hard for this and has had a run of good news. I even told her last week that I truly believed it was only a matter of time! Little did I know that "time" was only hours away.

I was away in Cape Breton on the weekend and so didn't get the news until I got back. I am so pleased that she's going to be part of the Romance line!

Congrats Soraya - this is just the beginning. :-)


  1. I was lurking on SubCare when I heard Soraya's news. It's always so much fun :). She's had a big year!

  2. Such great news, we were all giddy over at subcare!

  3. Great news Soraya + Donna. Caroline x