Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cover Squee!

Just a quick interruption because I love love love sharing cover squee.

The first is for a UK Christmas anthology that I'm in with Barb Wallace, Susan Meier and Pat Thayer.  The cover is so pretty!  Hooray!

And then Maisey Yates let me know that I have a book out in Turkey this month, paired up with Raye Morgan.  So Hired: The Italian's Bride gets a turn in Turkish.  As far as I know this is my first Turkish release - sometimes delivery of author copies of translations is a bit spotty.

Carry on.


  1. Lovely covers Donna. Caroline x

  2. Beautiful covers, Donna.

  3. Squeeing with you, Donna. Beautiful covers and exciting to be in Turkey:)

  4. Fabulous :o)

    And guess what? I got my first ever Turkish translation today. (First Russian and Indian ones during the last week, too. Someone is DEFINITELY clearing at cupboard at head office!!)

  5. Beautiful! I love the Christmas anthology. Makes me want to buy it.

  6. I love them too :) So pretty!