Monday, July 05, 2010


Yesterday was another gorgeous day, and after doing some laundry and writing I did a little weeding in the yard before getting cleaned up and heading to the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.  The girls have been wanting to go and we didn't get tickets last year, but I got tickets early this year and we had great front row seats at the Metro Centre. 

I'll start by saying the dh didn't enjoy himself that much.  There were bits and pieces he liked, for sure.  The simple reason is that all of the things that worked for me are the things that aren't his cup of tea.  In his words, "You see one marching band, you see them all."

I wouldn't strictly agree with that, but I can see his point.  It was more musically heavy than I expected.  Which is great for me, but not as great for the dh.

The things he liked in particular were the obstacle competitions, and I know he enjoyed the acrobatics and the bicycle team from the Netherlands.  In other words - the dh is a man of action. A fan of physical feats.  I think he would have had a better time if there'd been more of that.

Now...the dh does not speak for all of us. Number one, this is a military show so the part of me that adores a man in uniform was in absolute heaven.  And lots of different uniforms - we're talking teams and bands from Canada, the US, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, France, and different branches of the military as well.  Not to mention RCMP.  It was like watching The Musical Ride but without the horses.  :-)  Dress uniforms everywhere.  Happy sigh. There was one officer in particular that always seemed to end up just in front of us and by my guess was about 6'4".  Being a fan of tall men, the view was very nice.

Then there was the music.  Perhaps the dh isn't a fan of the marching band, but my giddy band geek heart was aglow.  I do think my favourite was the US Marines Band of America's Few.  Simply for playing St. Louis' Blues and then The Stars and Stripes Forever.  As they were winding up, I thought, "All we need now is the Marine's Hymn."  Sure enough - that was next.  And as a former piccolo player, the Sousa really made me happy.  As did a version of The British Grenadiers.  Then there were some WWII standards - lovely - and a Newfoundland group of sisters called Ashelin that did some great Celtic styled harmonies.

And speaking of Celts - here's the third highlight for me - Lots and Lots of Bagpipes. My mother would shudder and shake her head.  She is not a bagpipe fan.  I love them. Pipes and drums and lots of them.

The only problem for me was how LONG the show was.  It started at 2:30.  We didn't get to our vehicle across the street until 6:15.  And if all this has you confused as to what the heck the Tattoo is, check out the site at

Anyway last night was pretty quiet and I'm hoping today's fog and cloud is going to burn off so we can actually enjoy the pool again.  Right after I finish this last chapter.  :-)


  1. Sounds like a blast, Donna! I haven't been to the Tatoo for a few years now. You make me want to go again.

  2. I've always wanted to see the Tattoo. It is quite long though, isn't it?

  3. Finally another bagpipe fan!

  4. Anonymous12:18 a.m.


    Thank you so much for your kind words about the Band of America's Few! We are brand new and this was our first official performance. I think we all left a small piece of our hearts in Halifax last week.

    Best wishes,

    Shannon Vanoss
    Band of America's Few