Saturday, July 03, 2010

Perfect Saturday

Today has been very nearly perfect.  The house got cleaned this morning and I also squared up my accounts and finished the filing.  The sun was out all day - simply gorgeous weather.  We mowed the grass and I did a little weeding and by 2 p.m. we'd slathered on the SPF 50 and were floating in the pool with slushy pina coladas in hand.

The afternoon finished off with the dh cooking dinner while I read.

Now I 'm going to take an hour to work before going out to water some of the plants.

Speaking of - here's the latest shots from the garden. 


  1. I agree, Donna, it HAS been a "very nearly perfect" day!
    I WISH my house had been cleaned, but perhaps that'll happen tomorrow. We were dogsitting last week, so vacuuming is definitely on the horizon.
    I too squared up our accounts and finished the filing; such a tedious job, but oh so necessary to keep "on top of".
    The sun has also been out all day, complete with gorgeous weather, today and yesterday.
    Instead of weeding and gardening, though, my DH and I went grocery shopping. Once everything was put away, I splurged and, like you, read a book (when I should have been getting supper ready, since my DH made lunch).
    Thanks for your update!

  2. Oh! beautiful flowers :) we had a frost here this morning and the bird bath froze over