Friday, July 02, 2010

Cover Love

Had a great Canada Day -  friends over, a swim in the pool, barbeque, cake, fire in the firepit, and finished it off with fireworks.  It's kind of become tradition - this is our third year in a row doing a July 1 barbeque with our neighbours and it's always a good time no matter what the weather.

The new Mills and Boon "CHERISH" line covers for October are up.  For you UK readers - Mills and Boon Romance is changing to Mills and Boon Cherish, and will feature Romance authors as well as selected titles from Special Moments.  To put it in North America readership speak - Romance line plus some SuperRomance and Special Edition titles.  And for NA readers- there is no change for you.  Romance will still have their regular 6 titles a month.

Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle is out in the UK in October (and in February in North America) and the cover just hit Amazon.  I'm paired with the fabulous Barbara Hannay - lovely!  And here's the cover.  A bit of a new look for the UK lines as well.

Now I'm off - to hang out clothes, and to get a little writing done before going to get groceries.


  1. Lovely cover Donna. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  2. Fabulous cover. What an interesting change in the UK line.

  3. i am truly loving the new covers!