Friday, June 18, 2010

Tick Tock

June is slipping away and so I wanted to remind you that this month's contest ends June 30 and is open to newsletter subscribers.  I sent my "summer" issue earlier this month and if you sign up I'll forward that to you with details on entering the contest.  There's a sign up box on the sidebar.  :-) 

Today is Absolutely Gorgeous.  And a prime example of why I need to "book" myself time off in the summer.  I have a book to finish but OH what I want is to be outside and if I take my laptop outside I will not be very productive.  I am too easily distracted. It is supposed to hit 30 degrees today and the sky is perfectly clear. So far this morning I got kids off to school, walked the dog, visited the neighbour who was outside with his dog near the end of the walk (doggies need playtime too), came home and hung out a ginormous load of colours as it is perfect clothes drying weather, came in to a message from youngest who left an assignment on the kitchen table this morning, came back from the school and got a large glass of water, and sat down at my desk.  I have to do the banking as today is payday, the grocery cupboard is bare so we need FOOD, the darks are waiting to be washed and hung out after the colours are dry and by George the ONE thing that MUST happen today is getting in the pool.  But first I have to put the vacuum in and let it do its job...perhaps while I'm getting groceries? Then I can have a dip and the kids can stay in while we grill something for supper and eat on the deck....

And I'm supposed to be getting word count in there too.  When what I really want to do is the above list and then maybe sit on the deck with a book and a pina colada.

Tomorrow is errands and we would like to get our fire pit set up as we're building a pad for it.  And more pool. The whole weekend is supposed to be gorgeous.

But first - word count. I am actually looking forward to getting into the next few chapters as an idea came to me yesterday that I quite like.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Wow busy bee Donna! Have a great weekend, and I hope you get everything done. Caroline x