Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I'm into the revision cave again - hopefully not for as long as the last time! - so this post is going to be short.  Besides, it's a nice day, and I need to do a post office run and fill up my truck...

But I had to tell you that my kids make me laugh and sometimes amaze me.  Just with small things.  Like this morning.  It's Sports Day and there is a hot dog barbeque at school.  They do like barbequed hot dogs.  But they both asked if they could have a chicken and spinach wrap instead.  I wanted to check for fevers, but they assured me it was what they wanted.

Not to worry though.  The "kid" part is still in tact.  They were excited over the prospect of popsicles.

I will say my kids are good eaters.  There are certain things they don't like, but they are very open to different tastes and dishes.  I think perhaps because we ate a wide variety and I never made special meals - if you don't like something, you pick it out.  It makes cooking for the family so easy.  One of their favourites is marinated grilled salmon, roasted vegetables and asparagus. Curry night is a huge hit and the prospect of going for Thai or Greek food excites them.   When we went to my mom's a few weeks ago, their dinner request was some sort of pot pie (we ended up having turkey) and raspberry pie for dessert.

The flip side?  I fear they may grow up with expensive tastes!  LOL

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  1. Good luck with the revisions, Donna.

    And mealtimes at your house sound absolutely scrumptious! (Salmon, asparagus and roasted veg is one of my faves, and coincidentally what we're having tomorrow. A bit of parma ham wrapped round the asparagus and a smidgin of cheese on top is a lovely combo, too.)