Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1

It's June 1, which means admin day.  I'm updating my site, sending out my newsletter, that sort of thing.  Not to mention word count. 

My newsletter is a summer edition - I'm paring back some things over the summer months so I can enjoy working on a new project, spending time with my kids and maybe even basking in the sun (weather permitting).  There's a contest too, but only open to my subscribers, so if you want to subscribe, just scroll down and fill in your addy in the box on the sidebar.  My newsletters are generally short and sweet and come out a max of once a month.  The next one will be in September.

I'm also at the Pink Heart Society today, talking about a different kind of staycation.  :-)

Something cool happened this morning.  I logged on to find a facebook message from a school mate from wayyyy back.  She happens to have a few poems I wrote years ago and wanted to know if I wanted them.  It is weird and cool all at the same time.  I am dying of curiosity about what I wrote.  Seeing as it was dead smack in the teen angsty years, I'm a bit afraid.  I tell my kids that they are responsible for their actions, but looking back I really cringe! Any time we start to get full of ourselves I really think we should zip back to when we were teens as it is very humbling (and sometimes makes me want to hide in a closet).

Off to finish up my site!


  1. I have a whole book of my teen angst poems. They're always fun to look back on. :)

  2. The teenage years are cringe worthy for me too. I never wrote poems but I know that a friend of mine has kept letters and emails I wrote and I'm not so sure I want to read them, coward that I am lol

  3. I have over done dramatic stories from when i was a teen (and forced to write for English) they are fun to read back on.