Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Glam people and stuff

Before I launch back into my next "chunk" of writing, I thought I'd do a quick post giving a high five to RWA chapter mate Pam Callow.  Her debut book is out and she has to be exhausted - I'm sure she has writer's cramp from signings at Book Expo America and at the Harlequin offices in Toronto.  But last night she appeared on our regional news broadcast looking very glam and poised and well-spoken.  Way to go Pam!  I really admire anyone who can get behind a camera or microphone and be so composed.  Personally I get nervous and have a tendency to babble and talk with my hands...

In keeping with the "be nice to myself" vow lately, I've been playing piano more.  Usually I sit down once every day or two but I realized I hadn't played in several weeks!  Ack!  It does relax me and so this is what I've been playing lately (though this is NOT me).

Lastly - Happy Birthday to India Grey and a Belated birthday wish to Liz Fielding. :-)

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  1. You'd be great in front of the camera! I felt so relaxed talking to you when we met last year. Have fun playing the piano!