Friday, June 25, 2010


I looked at my blog today and was amazed to find I haven't blogged since Tuesday!  Where did the week go?  Wednesday I spent the day driving to Moncton to pick up the husband and then having lunch with him and driving back.  Yesterday was hard at work on the book and here we are at Friday - with a chapter I absolutely MUST finish today and an interview to do in a few hours.  I am hoping to be very efficient as it is GORGEOUS here today and I'd like to get in the pool and also mow the grass.

But I have to say - I am feeling the push to race to the finish line with this book - not because I want to get it handed in (though I do) but because things are coming to a head and it's very exciting.  I had a lightbulb a few days ago and since then the pieces have started to fit.  It might take some finagling to get it right within the chapters, but I'm excited because I sense some nice heartstringy moments in this last 15k.

Which means I'd better get to it.  And hopefully I will have some more garden pictures on Monday.  Several things are on the cusp of blooming...

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