Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I mention my weekend?

Blackberry blossoms
I don't think I mentioned my most awesome last weekend.

Friday was crazy between writing and banking and grocery shopping etc. but took a turn for the better when the girls and I picked up Fish and Chips for dinner (bad for me, but omg good) at the chip truck and came home to a no-mess no clean up dinner which meant we could get in the pool right after.  I watched some tv and just generally vegged.

My urn on the front step

Saturday was shopping.  My kids have grown faster than the weeds in my garden and what we thought would fit for summer 2 months ago is small.  We needed dog food and cat food and a few other things and as we were finishing we exited next to a Greek restaurant.  It smelled so good.  We had lunch.  On the patio.  I had Mousaka that was delicious, and half of my daughter's salad (as her portions were far too big for her little tummy!).  Once again it meant that we could come home and hit the pool straight away.

My irises finally bloomed
Being lazy sorts, the dh and I decided we'd finally get off our behinds and clean the downstairs while getting supper ready.  We had barbecued ribs and fresh corn for supper and invited our neighbour over. I walked the eldest to her babysitting job and came back in the most gorgeous evening. Had a snuggle with the youngest, watched some tv with the husband, read while waiting for eldest to come home.  Sunday morning we slept until nearly 9, and only got up when the youngest informed us she'd gotten up and made us all pancakes for breakfast.  We cleaned the upstairs, I read read read, mowed the grass, the dh and I got our patio stones/firepit organized, weeded, ate outside, had a campfire, made bush pies (so yummy!)....

It was just awesome.  A little work, a lot of fun and relaxation.

And I took more garden pics.  So here you go.  I am loving my garden this year.  The lilies, phlox, peonies and blazing stars will be blooming in the next few weeks.  I can't wait. 

My weigela in full bloom


  1. Sounds like a dream weekend :) really enjoyable and homy. Whats bush pie?

  2. Wow such a gorgeous garden. I don't suppose you want to come and fix mine up?

  3. What a beautiful garden! I can just *smell* those flowers! Caroline x p.s glad your dog is better.

  4. The garden looks awesome. Mine is growing like crazy but I need to get in and weed some spots and the urns for the door are still at the garden centre. Got to get there this weekend!! And now I have a craving for bbq'd ribs...