Thursday, June 10, 2010


During the walk this morning I saw a very large bird that I have never seen before.  After some research, I have an idea what it might be, but if I am right it is VERY EXCITING and so I need to see it again to be sure.  I saw it once the street below us and it was gone too fast for me to see properly.  But as we turned up the path on to our own street, I saw it again - for several seconds.

So after finding my SD card I took my camera and went for a little walk towards the last place I saw it perch.  Alas, I came up with nothing.  I will be keeping the camera with me and my eyes peeled though.  And perhaps someone else in the neighbourhood will have seen it too.

Coming back though I didn't let my camera go to waste as the garden is coming on.  We pulled out the old stump and planted a flowering crab this year, so I took a picture. 

My main bed is in DIRE need of weeding but I also took a quick pic of my largest hosta, the firebush and heuchera - in the foreground is the new (and still small) bleeding heart and behind you can see bits of the lilies and blazing stars that will come along later.  It is supposed to be nice this weekend so I hope to get it cleaned out and a fresh layer of mulch on to make it pretty!  The firebush turns a brilliant red in the fall (it's the one in the middle).

The woodsy area is full of bunchberry blossoms.

My weigela is just beginning to bloom.  By the end of the weekend it will be FULL of gorgeous pink blossoms.  I love how the colour deepens as the blossoms age.  When it is in full bloom, there are so many shades of pink!

But the best of all is my husband's clematis.  After several failed starts for me in our last house, I told him if he wanted a few clematis that he would have to do them himself.  He just planted them last year but they are blooming already.

In the other bed, the larkspur is starting and so is the tradescantia (thank you Michelle for reminding me of the name!).

Now back to work.  But it was kinda fun taking a few pics again.


  1. Being gardening challenged I've never seen a clematis before but wow isn't it so pretty.

    You've teased us with the bird. I've imagined everything up to and including a pterodactyl (yes I'm including winged dinosaurs) :)

  2. Arrrrghhh forget the garden!! What is the bird!?! ;p

  3. What could it be? Its a bird, its a plane, its superman?