Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Before and After

Yesterday I sent in my revisions and today it's back to work on TRRMF.  June is going by WAYYYYY too quickly.

My husband and I have been doing a new exercise program.  After a few months of working out again but not being consistent - I missed my workout buddy when he was traveling and he found working out on the road a huge challenge - we invested in Beachbody's Power 90 program.  After starting it we were really glad we didn't get the P90X - I don't think we're ready for that.  LOL.  We did a lot of looking at dvd programs and chose this one because the only equipment you need is a dvd player and resistance bands.  He can take it with him when he's traveling and when he's home we work out together.  This is huge for me.  There have definitely been days I was on the fence, tempted to not work out, but he had sneakers in hand ready to go. We keep each other honest.

When you start you take a before picture.  I am NOT posting mine.  It was pre-haircut which sounds silly but the picture is horrid (if it were only about size, I might have, but it's not).  Last night we took our 30 day picture.

We have missed days.  A couple we were too busy working in the yard.  One or two I was so tired I wasn't sure I could drag my butt downstairs let alone do anything high intensity.  We were away for the long weekend in May.  BUT we always get back on the horse and keep going. I've moved up to a new resistance band since starting.  I feel better for sure.  On the weekend I actually RAN.  This is big because my hip usually stages a huge protest.  I think the combo of running on forest paths (rather than concrete) and a stronger hip helped a lot.

I haven't lost a lot of weight on it - 4-5 lbs I think (added to the 12-13 I lost before we started it).  But here's what I noticed about our 30 day pic.  My size - not so different.  My posture - HUGE difference.  In picture one there is a visual of middle roll.  In picture two, there is not (I'm wearing the same shirt in both).  The dh says my face looks thinner too.  I think it's not a case of lighter but tighter, and hey, I can live with that.

So we're keeping on.  And if the weight creeps off, great, because maybe I'll KEEP it off.

Today's agenda?  If all goes right, we'll be in the pool this afternoon.  And then the dh and I are going to get a load of mulch for the garden.


  1. Way to go, Donna! I seriusly have to do something about getting in shape. Send some motivation my way, will ya? LOL!

  2. Congrats!! Keep it up. I have not heard of the Beachbody's Power 90 program. I will have to check it out.
    It's great to see results.

  3. results are the definate motivating factor! and yay that you have the company of your dh, that always helps ;)