Thursday, May 06, 2010

Readin' and Watchin'

Haven't done a Reel Review or Book Blog post for a while, so I thought I'd catch you up on those.

The latest movie we watched was Sherlock Holmes and I loved it, though I wish we could have had more of the romantic relationship.  Still, it was nice that we could watch it with the girls who thought Jude Law particularly funny.  Robert Downey Jr. is so great. I love how he brings such complexity to his characters.  Even when he's a total smart ass, there's this undertone of sadness or loneliness that you can't help but see.  We popped some popcorn and had a right good time.

And then there's the 2 Sharpe movies that were on Masterpiece Classic this season - Sharpe's Challenge and Sharpe's Peril, both set in India.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing Sharpe kiss the girl and then ride off to the tune of Over The Hills and Far Away - cue electric guitar.  The girls were like...that guitar is cheesy. But after watching ALL of the Sharpe movies, I countered with - no, it's classic and can't end any other way.  I was so glad that they kept the original Harper too, as it wouldn't have been the same without him.

And yesterday I actually went to the movies!  I saw GUNLESS with Julianne MacLean, who is a huge fan of Paul Gross.  It was a western/comedy with a Canadian twist.  A shame Graham Greene didn't have a bigger part as he is always wonderful.  Callum Keith Rennie was scrummy and it takes a certain kind of man to pull off a purple silk blouse with a gun belt, but Paul Gross managed just fine.  Happy sigh.

Books!  I am right on track with my reading goals for the year (which is 100 books).  Since the last time I did a reading roundup, I've read:

In My Wildest Fantasies, The Mistress Diaries, and When A Stranger Loves Me by Julianne MacLean - wonderful trilogy! Can't wait for her new books!

Adopted: Outback Baby by Barbara Hannay - Barb never disappoints, and she writes the best settings.

The Inconvenient Bride,  Anne McAllister - an oldie of Anne's but lovely with a great twist at the end.

A Mother's Wedding Day  -Rebecca Winters and her daughter, Dominique Burton - this was the Pink Heart Picks book club selection for April.

Just Breathe - Susan Wiggs   Am lovin' the women's fiction right now.

Oh-So-Sensible Secretary by Jessica Hart - brilliantly written first person - guaranteed laughs and a sniffle too.

An Acceptable Time - Madeleine L'Engle - we finished up the Time Quintet

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - John Boyne - innocent and creepy all at once, while I had some POV issues with it, it is a story with impact.

The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith.  Brilliant writing.  Just brilliant and satisfying.

Housekeeper's Happy-Ever-After - Fiona Harper - Fi's latest, complete with a damaged heroine, sexy hero, and a great ending.

Right now I'm reading The Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon.

Now off to whip chapter nine into better shape - and get going on chapter 10.


  1. I haven't posted my review of Sherlock yet. So much fun! I thought something was missing from RDJr's performance, like the direction or story stole a little of his natural charisma--as opposed to how dynamic he was as Tony Stark in the first Iron Man (haven't seen the new one). But Jude Law was magnificent. Made me remember why I loved him ten years ago, before all the weirdness of his personal life.

  2. I think it might have been direction. I expected a little more of the upbeat smartassishness. Love him anyway.

    But how excited am I about Iron Man 2? I haven't seen it either but we're all looking forward to it.