Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink Heart Picks and Long Weekends

We returned last night from a long weekend at my mom's.  I ate wayyy too much as usual, including lots of rhubarb, got a lot of sun as it was 30 degrees C and higher all weekend (the thermometer at my inlaws said 37.5 yesterday afternoon - phew!) and came back to a crazy week of volunteering (the last week for the school year), the end of extra curricular sports for the school year, a pool that needs straightening out, a yard that needs weeding and mowing, no groceries, and a lot of dust as the house didn't get cleaned on the weekend.  Oh yes - and my book to work on, and that has to come FIRST before the rest.

But I also got to read a great book and review it:

Today is Pink Heart Picks book club day and this month I read and reviewed MORE THAN WORDS 6, the latest antho in the More Than Words endeavour by Harlequin. You can check out the review here. What a fantastic program and project. While I normally read and review category books for the Pink Heart Picks, I made an exception for this one. I'm glad I did.

Next month we're reading The Surgeon's Miracle (Medicals) by Caroline Anderson. For North American readers, you can order it from amazon or here at eharlequin or download it as an e-book - I'm planning on putting it on my Sony. :-)

Now I'm off to finish the last of my "odd jobs" before getting a chunk of writing done, then groceries, then another chunk, and so on. 

Catch you on the flip side!

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