Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making the sacrifice

I fell into a lot of pitfalls with Under Argentine Skies (or whatever it ends up being titled, when - fingers crossed - it's accepted).  Part of it was the adventure of writing about a foreign location and getting caught up in the research.  Argentina is a huge country with distinct regions, all with different landscapes and cultures and allures.  It was so exciting and too hard to focus on just one.  So I narrowed it SOME but I still kept it too varied.  I tried to show too much of the setting and as a result it overshadowed character so that I was missing some of the depth I needed.  When I did my rewrites, I had to pare back even more.  It hurt.  But I'm okay, because I really really feel that in the end it was a much stronger story for it.

What did I have to cut out?

The Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, both in the evening and then at the end.  I loved looking at the pictures and reading about Los Desaparecidos during The Dirty War.  The flavour of Buenos Aires streets, the sounds of the tango and the Euro meets South America architecture.

Speaking of tango - I had to cut out a tango scene in a dimly-lit club.  I did love that scene.  The I love you I hate you passion, the way their bodies brushed, the will they or won't they question...gone.

And in that scene...this dress.

And these shoes.


I had to cut out the private jet and champagne.

What did I get to add, though?

A deeper insight into Sophia and Tomas.  A deeper exploration of the pampas and the estancia where Sophia stayed during her trip.  A longer trip in the rainforests of Iguazu Falls, and a lot of magic.

In other words, depth.

So yeah, it was worth it.

I'm working on my next Romance which is back on good old Canadian soil again.  The next few weeks are crucial, so I'm going to be working very hard.  But I have some ideas to strengthen what started out as The Rancher's Ready Made Family.  And I'm hoping a little of that magic - or fairy dust - that sprinkled over the end of UAS makes its way to TRRMF as well.  :-)


  1. Donna, the dress and shoes are beautiful - andso are the pictures of Argentina. Sigh! One of the joys of reading - and writing - is that we get to see places we'll likely never visit in reality!

  2. Not the shoes! Anything but the shoes! :P Argentina just sounds amazing I can see why it could overshadow the characters. Such a shame to say goodbye to the Plaza!

  3. Gorgeous dress, Donna. Perfect for dancing in. Think I'd fall over in the shoes though!