Tuesday, May 04, 2010


On Sunday, our RWA chapter had its meeting and Julianne MacLean did a workshop on The Power of the Rewrite.  It was fab.  I came away feeling like perhaps she hadn't "fixed" my current mess in progress, but she helped me understand WHY it hadn't worked and so hopefully I can avoid that in the future.

My CP is also incredibly lovely and sent me a prezzie - a copy of The Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon.  I'm only a bit of the way in, but already it is echoing some of what Julianne spoke of and so I think I might be on to something.

THEN I opened up my latest chapter to revise (again) and it was like someone turned on a switch, backlighting all the weak spots.  And that is way cool.  Suddenly I SEE things.  And I understand WHY, more importantly.  When I sent a quick note to my CP, I am sure she laughed her butt off.  Because she tried to tell me and I just couldn't get it and I was getting SO frustrated.  It just goes to show that sometimes it just takes as long as it takes for the light to go on.  I was feeling a lot of pressure  - thinking I should KNOW things after doing this for so long.  I mean I'm no veteran but I'm in my fifth year of writing for publication and this is...book 15 I think?

Now I feel better because I know I will probably make the same mistakes in rough draft form but hopefully will be smart enough to fix them.  To apply what I've clued into.  And I still have the majority of the Manuscript Makeover to get through.

And it is infinitely easier to see it in someone else's work and not your own.


  1. And it is all about fixing them in later drafts.

    And light bulbs are always great when they happen...

  2. I'll definitely have to get a copy of Elizabeth Lyon's book now :D Wow on the 15 books doesn't time go by fast!

  3. Donna, just have to say that this happened to me too. And the lightbulbs are still going on. Frustrated, annoyed that I wasn't getting it. And then suddenly...
    And in fact, just had some more go on today! It's so good when you finally understand eh?
    Good luck with the wip!

  4. Ooh! That book sounds great! Love those lightbulb moments! p.s. my word verification is colds. Rather apt considering the temperature here today!

  5. Wasn't Julianne's sessio wonderful? It made major lightbulbs pop for me, too. I've always had the feeling that I should be able to spot problems myself, butit just doesn't work that way.