Monday, May 10, 2010

Foreign Editions

I love when I know that foreign editions are coming out.  It's cool to see titles in other languages, and see what covers I get, and to know that I have a chance to reach a whole different readership.

This month, One Dance With The Cowboy is out in Spain, and also in Italy - with two vastly different covers (the Spanish one has the North American cover, the Italian has a couple dancing but it's a dress and suit kind of thing rather than a barn dance).  The Rancher's Runaway Princess is on sale at the Spanish site in the Ultimas Oportunidades section.

Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous is also out in Poland and the Czech Republic - where I am Donna Alwardova which tickles me to death.  I'm with Marion Lennox there and it's her cover on the duo, which is gorgeous.

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  1. Foreign editions are fun! Donna Alwardova - what do they call you in Spanish?