Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Author copies and girliness

Yesterday the mail man brought the author copies of Mediterranean Men and Marriage.  It is very thick and very pretty!  The cover is lovely anyway, but the spine and back cover are a gorgeous dark purpley-blue.  It is out in July and the other authors in the antho are Carol Grace and Raye Morgan.  It's particularly exciting for me as it is my first reprint.  :-)

Today I'm feeling rather girly.  I FINALLY had my hair cut!  It is so much lighter and swingy!  It needed a good shearing desperately and my esthetician friend suggested a new hairstylist (since our old one is on mat leave) and I am very pleased with the results.  I have very thick hair, so getting rid of the weight is key.

And speaking of getting rid of the weight - another few pounds have dropped off, so it's slowly but surely.  It'll soon be workout time again.  And if the rain holds off - an extra dog walk to make up for the delicious homemade samosa I had at the coffee shop outside the hairdressers.  It was the smell that drew me in.  The whole floor smelled SO delicious.

Now it is back to the wip.  I am enjoying it so far, and trying to keep my internal editor fairly quiet.


  1. A huge congrats on the weight loss! I have thick hair too and lately every time I have a haircut the next time I call for an appointment the hairdresser has left the salon or the town or the country. I'm starting to think my hair is traumatizing...

  2. I think I found those few pounds you dropped. Let me know if you want them back.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new look, Donna! I hear ya on the hair - mine seems to send hairdressers running for cover. I need to get de-shagged.

  4. Mines thick too. My hairdresser says he should get double pay for cutting it (needless to say he doesn't). Rethinking the long plait...