Sunday, April 25, 2010


The house is clean - I even managed to FINALLY get a start on my spring cleaning this morning.  My gardens are weeded and the only thing left to do is plant the forsythia that my neighbour left on our doorstep this morning.  The laundry is caught up and I did another job that I've been putting off ever since we MOVED if you can believe it.

I finished another book (this time An Acceptable Time which I read with the kids) and have moved on to Alexander McCall Smith's No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.  I love it already.  To stay with my goal of 100 books this year, I need to read 8 books a month.  I really didn't think I was going to make it, but thanks to the e-reader, if I finish this one and read one more this week, I'll be right on schedule.  Plus it helps to reduce my tbr. 

And things are ticking along with the revisions.  I do think it is going to be a much tighter book in the end.  It has made me think about why some books are more difficult than others.  There can be several reasons, but I think part of it also has to do with the fact that some conflicts lend themselves more easily than others.  And the truth is, you can't write the same conflict over and over, just like you can't write the same character over and over.  So some will be easier and seem to flow from the fingers, and others will be more difficult. 

But for right now, I have sweet potatoes to slice and after dinner it is Sharpe's Peril on the DVR with the kids.  They discovered the same hero and sidekick love for Sharpe and Harper as I have and we're all looking forward to it.


  1. If only all books flowed from the fingers :D

  2. I don't know how you have time to clean your house and weed your garden and read nice books AND write.

    I can write and live in squalor. Or I can do all my chores and get almost no writing done.

    I love being a writer, so I imagine you can guess which option I tend to go with. I'm training up the kids to wash up and tidy their rooms though, so there's hope on the horizon. ;)

  3. Yes, if only all books 'wrote themselves' like some seem to. You rock, Donna!