Friday, April 09, 2010

Revisions begun

I have started my revisions and have had to throw out pretty much all of the first three chapters.  There are a few odds and ends I have been able to salvage, but a new opening is hard to blend so I'm recreating.  When you think about it - three chapters is nearly 10 k.  So a lot of work.  But it does mean I'll be bringing other things forward and expanding them. 

Anyway I do think we have more instant conflict this way.  And now that I've had a short break - back to it I go.  This weekend is groceries and cleaning and company and my writer's group meeting, during which time I'll be thinking, thinking, thinking about how to approach things even more.


  1. Hey, you're lucky. Three chapters for me would be 15k!

    Good luck with it. It's kind of exciting though, isn't it, to be writing fresh rather than re-writing? I always prefer chucking out and starting again to piecemeal revisions. But then I'm odd. ;)

  2. Actually Jane - you're right - it's closer to 15! Ouch! But I do think this is going to be even better and snappier!