Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good news, and I got your crazy

I heard on Tuesday that A BRIDE FOR ROCKING H RANCH is a Golden Quill Award Finalist....hooray!  The other finalists and winner will be posted on the Desert Rose RWA site shortly, but I was really pleased to get the news as this novella was really challenging to write.

Via twitter this morning, I saw this article on how successful writers maintain confidence.  Really great advice, but the part I really liked was the last.   Partly because I know I get a little crazy, especially just before deadline, or like now, when I'm in revisions and my brain is working overtime.  The article says: 

 Embrace Irrational Exuberance and Obsessive Compulsions

During the course of writing a book, it’s okay to be a little over-the-top in your focus and devotion to the work. What may seem to others as a bit crazy can actually serve you well. Many writers succumb to an extreme level of behavior that really keeps up their confidence during the hard work.

Then, when it’s done, they relax, wind down, take a vacation and enjoy their time off--at least until they are compelled to start again.

This is exactly what I do and sometimes I feel a bit wacky about it as I know I get strange looks.  Truth is, writing is not one of those occupations where you clock out, drive home, and get on with it.  For me, that's especially true when I'm getting close to the end and the intensity is ramping up, or when I'm deep in revisions.  Going deep with that focus means that I tend to shut out a lot of the other stuff that goes on, and that's okay because that other "stuff" can be really hard on the confidence.  So if you see me a little over the edge, in need of a haircut and with my eyes a little wild, you know what part of the book I'm at. 

But it feels good to know it's OKAY - and that it can actually be a GOOD thing.

And it also explains why when I'm on vacation - I'm on VACATION.  No writing, no e-mail etc...nothing but relaxation.  I do enough juggling the rest of the time.  When I'm on holiday, I soak up every blessed minute of it.

Now, I'm not on holiday but I AM in revisions so I'll sign off.


  1. Great news - well done, you!

  2. Congratulations sweetie - great news. Not surprised though. just happy for you



  3. Fabulous news! Congrats Donna!

    "succumb to an extreme level of behavior"

    I love it. That could cover a whole range of crazy ;)

  4. Fantastic news about the Golden Quill! Many congrats and best of luck with the contest - you must be thrilled. :-)

  5. Well done!

    I'm crazy too. I write in bed rather a lot. And always have to correct by hand with a BLACK pen. If it's blue or red ... well, I can't be answerable for the consequences.

  6. Congrats on the final, Donna! And as far as the crazies go,it's so true, isn't it? I get a bit bug-eyed near the end of a book too.

    Good luck with revisions, and enjoy the holiday afterwards!

  7. Huge congrats Donna. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Caroline x