Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deadlines, Interviews, and E-readers!

Yesterday Mira Lyn Kelly posted on the PHS about the transition of aspiring author to published author and the responsibility of deadlines.  I really got where she was coming from, then I read Michelle's post on deadlines and I got that too. 

I have seen wayyyy too many authors burn out because they couldn't keep pace.  Or they kept pace and their mental health/personal life went to hell.  I'm not always good at keeping this balance either, and it's hard especially when you love what you do.

But this is why I rarely work evenings or weekends unless there is something really pressing.  I do think authors should endeavour to meet their deadlines.  They are there for a reason and it looks good, frankly.  It is good to be known as an author who can deliver.

The trouble comes when it is at what price?

I've missed deadlines, I'll admit it.  Sometimes I've needed an extra few days, and I've always e-mailed my editor or chatted with her about it.  Once I missed by a few weeks because I broke my wrist.  Another time huge revisions took up a large chunk of time, which delayed delivery of my next.  But it was okay - communication with my editor was key.

And there is usually some wiggle room built into the sched.

Do I like being late?  Not at all.  But life happens, and editors know that. 

Anyway moving on, I did an interview for Maria Durst at Queen of All She Reads for the release of Sold To The Highest Bidder.  I think she's drawn the winners (I'm a later tater to the party) but you can still read the interview and excerpt!

And my new e-reader is here!  I've moved my books from my flash drive to the e-reader, and set up categories and everything.  Harlequins in one spot, another for YA, another for Classics and Lit, and one for Women's Fic.  It's AWESOME!  Can't wait to tuck it into my purse.  My first purchase for it was A Mother's Wedding Day - The Pink Heart Picks Book Club selection for April!  Can't wait to get started!

Now i'm off- need to finish Chapter Five before Running club, parent teacher and a concert tonight.  This is definitely insane week.

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