Monday, March 22, 2010

Working away

I'm working away on Author Alterations today and everything will be sent back to my editor later this afternoon.  Then it's back to work on TRRMF.

I am freezing, by the way.  After several days of gorgeous weather (On Saturday we were the warmest spot in Canada) it has cooled off to about 8 degrees at the moment and it was foggy and damp this morning.  The fog has burned off and now it's just cloudy...but I cannot get warm.  I have the fireplace going but it doesn't matter.  I am cold! Am thinking of making a cup of tea or hot lemon to keep me warm.

The weekend was groovy.  Saturday, especially.  The girls and I went shopping.  My eldest had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket and some gift cards too, and I had a few things I wanted to pick up as well.  We hit WalMart for the generic type things first.  My youngest had some money so she bought a small paint by number thing - and bought one for her sister as well.  She also bought herself a cactus which has been named George.  Let it not be said that my children are predictable.  The cactus is on the kitchen sill above the sink, keeping a grass "head" and another unknown plant company.

Then on to a clothing store where dd1 bought a shirt, then the music store for a clarinet book, then lunch.  We went to a pizza chain and I LOVE going to eat out with my kids.  They will try things so dd1 had a personal pizza and side salad - her pizza toppings were chicken, bacon and spinach.  Dd2 had garlic fingers with pasta salad.  The waitress commented that she had never had a kid order pasta salad before.  LOL.  I had a chicken and mushroom salad thing and we had a lovely meal.

Then the sports store - my biggest purchase of the day.  Shoes are EXPENSIVE and the one place where I do not scrimp.  Cheaper shoes do not hold up and dd1 has arch issues so it is worth it.  From there - the bookstore - where I bought a book for my sister and Leanne Banks' latest for the Pink Heart Picks book club coming up next week.  Dd2 bought herself 2 books and Dd1 used gift cards and got four.  Then it was a quick stop to pick up the new pool cover and we were home again - at 4 p.m.

We did have a great time though and we bought New Moon at WalMart, so once dinner was over we all watched that together.

But now fun is over and I must get back to work!


  1. I was disappointed - like many people - by New Moon. What did you think of it?

    Still, it was always going to be a hard sell, that book, since New Moon switches heroes, basically, with the original hero from Twilight barely seen at all except in odd flashy-flashbacks and the new hero a little too hairy and given to growling at inopportune moments. ;)

    Can't wait for the 'real' romance to resume in the next film!

  2. It is weird, Jane. In the books...I am team Edward all the way. But in the Jacob. I looked at that gorgeous muscled guy and thought why in the world are you pining over pasty-faced skinny guy? Plus other than the scene in Italy, there wasn't a whole lot of danger/plot.

    It'll be interesting to see what happens in the Eclipse movie. In the book I was solidly on the Cullen side because Jacob acted SO fave of the books is still Breaking Dawn.

    I thought Taylor Lautner totally saved the movie.

  3. He's a great actor, no argument. Dominates the screen. But I'm afraid I go for pining vampire looks rather than muscled hunk. So I'd rather Edward than Jacob any day!

    I agree re Breaking Dawn. Meyer really got into her stride there, though the first half of the book suffers from being overwritten in places. But she really knew her characters AND her readers by then, so the book just flies by.

  4. Oooh and I agree with Breaking Dawn. THe first half...meh. But once she hits that defining know which one I just takes off.

  5. Wasn't that weather great? Perfect timing too with MB being on and all.

    Just picked up my copy of Her Lone Cowboy. Can't wait to read it!