Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Working on: The Rancher's Ready-Made Family (whee!)
Listening to: a little Buble
Reading: The Konstantos Marriage Demand - Kate Walker

I'm having a fab Wednesday.  I have to bake a cake soon as it is the dh's birthday and we're having homemade pizza for supper - yum! (And still keeping it on track with the current eating/work out plans).  I have finished my admin (except for one phone call, must do that next) and have started work on The Rancher's Ready-Made Family - the title came to me in a flash which might be a VERY good sign as that tends to be an indication of having it really well grounded in the line and reader promise thing.  Plus I've been thinking and am looking at a few twists I haven't "done" before (and after 13  books, I DO find myself covering old ground at times, so this is also good!).  Yesterday I worked on a brief synop which I will probably not look at again, but it did help to form the basis of the story in my mind before I "get on with it".  I was enjoying it so much I didn't want to stop.

THEN I got a note from Barbara Vey today and ONE DANCE WITH THE COWBOY is up on her Beyond Her Book Blog today as part of the book club post.  I am so pleased about that!  Thanks Barbara and Denise!

There was also a great review on the M&B site for HER LONE COWBOY that gave my day another boost too.

Hopefully by the end of today, that word count meter will have made a small move.  I am doing up the character sheets first and then launching in.  Though I do still need to bake that cake and make a quickie trip to the grocery store.


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  2. wow, your wednesday really does sound wonderful Donna.
    Just letting you know that your blog is fantastic.
    Instigated by another blogger, I've given you an award on my blog.

  3. Given you an award, too! Enjoy your cupcake.