Monday, March 01, 2010

In like a lion...

March came in like a lion as the dh lent me earplugs so I could sleep during the winds of last night.  It rained again and so 90% of our snow is GONE.  I can't say as I'm sad about that.

And being the first of the month today is all about admin.  Updating my site, doing up my newsletter, writing the month's blogs for any guest spots...

March is also the release month for HER LONE COWBOY which is SO exciting for me!  It feels like I've waited forever for this book to hit the shelves, and a week from tomorrow it WILL!  Of course it's already available at eharlequin and I believe you can get the kindle version already at amazon. 

For those of you on my newsletter list-  stay tuned.  This month's contest is for newsletter subscribers only, so if you want to sign up, the box is on the sidebar.  I promise not to inundate you too often with e-mails - usually just one a month max.  :-)

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  1. Touch wood...but we had a lovely day here on our "national" day - St Davids Day here in Wales. Caroline x