Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Round-Up

I didn't blog yesterday.  I was attempting to work (I managed a whopping 300 words) while keeping up with RITA finalist announcements.  My phone was silent (not surprising) but it is hard because there's always that little teensy bit of hope.  I loved seeing the finalists emerge on the RWA list and what seemed cool for me was that a lot of the finalists were not "the usual suspects". 

Major congrats to Linda Goodnight and her title The Snow-Kissed Bride - for representing the Romance line in the Series Contemporary category. There were tons of friends and colleages nommed and I'm so happy for them, but one in particular really made me so excited I cried a little.  Michelle Willingham finalled in the Historical category with Taming Her Irish Warrior.  Michelle and I sold to Harlequin at about the same time and had our debuts on the shelf together.  We both still hang out at eharlequin and when we met in person (finally!) in DC last year, it was just like meeting an old friend.  She is the sweetest, nicest person who always seems to have it together.  I was so excited to see her name on the list I gave a big squeal and had to get tissues.  She is rocketing on to the Historical scene and so a big huzzah to her!  I wish I could be in Nashville for the ceremony, alas no Nationals for me this year.

I realized today how much I love Harlequin/Mills and Boon's distribution.  Both One Dance With The Cowboy and Her Lone Cowboy (the Cowboys and Confetti duet) are out in May and August respectively as hardback large print versions. Her Lone Cowboy is being spread out - March in NA, April in UK, and then May in Aus/NZ.  Then there are the two reprints this year, in July and November and a new book coming out in the UK in October (still no US/Can date yet, but I should know soon).  That doesn't take into account any foreign editions either.  It kind of staggered me to realize that there is something out there nearly every month this year.  WOW.  There are times when you're writing and it feels like you're writing in a big gap or hole.  It makes a huge mental difference knowing that while you're toiling away, there's a book out in the stores somewhere.

AND Sold to the Highest Bidder showed up on today - kindle version of course.  It officially releases on the 13 April.  Still, it was cool seeing the cover and link up there.

Before I dash off to make lunch (and have promised dd1 we'll watch a movie as dd2 is at a friend's house and it's just us on this rainy PD day), it's Freebie Friday at eharlequin.  Today's deal: Buy 2 or more books and get Magnate's Make-Believe Mistress by Bronwyn Jameson absolutely FREE!* Just click on this link: FREEBIE Fridays. We guarantee something FREE every Friday. It could be FREE Shipping, a FREE print book or a coupon for a free eBook!

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  1. Your turn will come on the RITA front. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  2. Thank you, Donna!! It means so much to share this with good friends. :)

    I second what Caroline said. You write some amazing books, and you will definitely have your turn!!

  3. Aw, you guys are sweet. Right now it's just focusing on learning and improving and writing stories readers will love (so I can keep getting contracts!).

    And I figure the rest will just take care of itself. :-)

  4. I definitely think we'll be seeing you on the RITA finalist list soon Donna! Congrats to Linda and Michelle!