Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cats and Dogs

The dog has had to do some adjusting since the Very.Bad.Cat. came on the scene.  For one, Boo is a kitten.  It is easy to forget as he is nearly full grown now.  But he is a baby in energy and play attitude and the dog...well, she's seven.  And she has always been a bit timid and reserved, unless you are a)holding a tennis ball or b) at the lake. 

Boo terrorizes the dog.  He hides on chairs and swipes at her tail when she walks by.  He hides behind corners and when she comes into the room, leaps out and scares her.  He wants to play so jumps at her back, her head...Dreamer puts up with a lot from that little guy.  And usually with great tolerance and a put-upon air.

Her crate is sacred though.  If she is in her crate and Boo wants to enter, he is rewarded with a snarl.  Last week she was on her mat and he actually went IN her crate and curled up.  Oh my, what a problem.  She is not a barking, agressive type dog so she paced and whined and tried to go upstairs (she's not allowed) before I figured out that he was in her crate and ON HER BLANKET.  I kicked him out and she went in and had to remake her bed.

Last night he jumped on her head and she growled as if to say "Enough!"

But twice now she's done something so funny I have to share.

Earlier this week the dh and I were sitting on the couch and the cat was curled up at the opposite end.  After much pacing, hopeful tail wagging and bright eyes, she hopped up on the couch where there was exactly six inches of room for her to lay down.  She tried valiantly to curl up into the space left and it was almost like she was trying to tell the cat to scooch over.  Well, he didn't.

So she sat on him.

We laughed so hard, and Boo extricated himself from Dreamer's posterior and curled up on the dh's lap instead, completely unperturbed.

Night before last, I was up alone and so the entire love seat was free, and I was at one end of the couch and Boo on the other so the middle was free.  I patted the seat and said "come up with mum" and she wagged her tail but no.  Paced in front of the love seat but no.  I mean there was TONS of space.

This time there was no hesitation.  She jumped up on the couch, and sat squarely on the cat.  All I could see were eyeballs and the end of his tail.

It is her passive-agressive way of asserting herself (jumping on one's head is SO childish and undignified, much better to sit on them instead).  Boo was slightly alarmed, and I had to lift up Dreamer's butt so he could get out, but he got the choice seat of my lap at the end of it.

Now I'm off to hit word count for today.  Spring break is next week so I know I won't be getting a lot done.


  1. Poor Dreamer. lol

  2. that is so funny! go the dog!

  3. Laughed so hard there were tears :) Dreamer's not just a pretty face.

  4. Hilarious. I'm with Kerrin! Can't keep a good dog down :)

  5. Anonymous9:12 a.m.

    Thanks for sharing Donna, too funny! I loved it!

    Michele P

  6. That was so funny I had to laugh. Can't stop laughing right now. That's just so funny.