Thursday, March 04, 2010

The best laid plans...

This is one of those days where the best laid plans suddenly go right out the window.  ACK!!!!!! I am *so* not good at "rolling with it" so this morning has been kind of interesting.  Right now my dh and I are trying to sort out some things at the end of the month that we thought were settled.  Oh well it usually all works out in the end.

And before I head out the door to the accountant's, today I'm at Magical Musings talking about...well...magic.  :-)

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  1. Know how you feel. Yesterday, I finally found the document telling me when our annual car test (MOT) was due - in a few days' time!!

    Since the car is on its absolute last legs, we know it won't get through the test, so it's been a mad scramble today to find and buy a cheap car for sale rather than pay to have the old one fixed. Impossible to manage without one with all our kids, but it's been a bit tough working out how we could finance this at the last minute.

    But I did manage to send out an invoice today for a commissioned magazine feature, so some money should be on its way to us soon - thank goodness.

    Hope your musings were indeed magic and that the day has improved for you!