Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter workout

Working on: the end of UAS
Listening to: Samuel Barber
Reading: Rita book number 6

Today I got another winter workout courtesy of the storm that hit Tuesday night/yesterday morning. Yesterday I had to shovel in front of the garage (thankfully my neighbour came by with his tractor and cleared enough of the driveway that I could get out) and the steps.  This morning I tackled the back deck.  The deck is quite high and the snow heavy, and there was a good foot and a half of it.  A cardio and strength session all in one, and it's still snowing.  Not much, but there was probably another inch or so down this morning and another few cm due during the day.  Plus they have cleared the road again which means mounds of snow at the top of the drive, making it hard to get in and out.  I'll probably go out and try to make a dent in that before the dh gets home tonight.  The side that hasn't been cleared has about 3 ft of snow thanks to the plow.

Yesterday was of course a snow day and in the afternoon the kids went out to play in it.  I think the animals were a little offended at being left behind, the dog in particular, but with snow this deep and this heavy she would end up with balls of snow caught in her fur which is no fun for anyone.  Just getting her outside throughout the day to do her business was hard enough.  She also has a mortal fear of cameras but she was so enthralled with the kids' antics that I was able to catch this pic of the two of them. 

But for now I'm off to continue writing the end.

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  1. That's such a great pic! You can tell that they want to be outside :)