Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story Problems Solved

I had the end of this story all planned out but a little something or other kept niggling at me.  The problem is I wanted to go from Iguazu Falls back to Buenos Aires to blow things up - almost like 2 separate black moments which isn't that uncommon - after all it's quite normal for the hero and heroine to have separate ones and for one to feed into the other.  But the timing didn't feel quite right.  There was about 24 hours of space and a lot of awkward silence to fill up.

The nice thing is certain solutions do present themselves as you're writing and you just don't recognize them until you get to the proper point.  I realized that from a pacing and yes, even a symmetry to the opening point of view, I am going to let this whole thing blow up right where they are.  Emotions and tensions are high and would only be diluted by that 24 hours, which then would lead to repetition.  And knowing how I've opened the book, having it unfold this way makes MUCH more sense.

The good news is it does mean not waiting so long to use certain things.  Like this dress.  And these shoes.

The unfortunate thing?  As soon as I hit publish on this blog, I need to make supper, begin another batch of valentine's day chocolates, sign homework, make sure Valentine's stuff is ready for school tomorrow, work out...

And by then my brain is fried.

So it's a case of hold that thought, and moving forward tomorrow bright and early.  :-)

At least I broke the 35k mark today, and the last 15k usually moves quite a bit faster.  End of next week this bad boy should be all the way through with only edits to do.


  1. Love the dress and the shoes! Gimme :)

    Congrats on reaching the 35K mark! I think you should sneak some of those chocolates as a reward :)

    Good luck with the last 15K!

  2. Ooh, I like the shoes, too!

    And I'm with Lacey on the rest. Well done for getting this far - now go get 'em, tiger. Rrrr!

  3. Yay on breaking the 35k mark - I knew you would do it! Love the dress and the shoes are droolicious! Caroline x