Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New books and word count wars

Working on:  Edits for Sold to the Highest Bidder
Listening to: Kids singing from the Top Gun soundtrack.  Oh my.
Reading: next Rita book

I DID forget to mention something yesterday, and that's that HER LONE COWBOY is actually up for presale at eharlequin.  In both print and e-book.  So you can grab it now. 

Now.  About this word count war thing.  I was very happy to see my buddy Trish Wylie get back in the swing of things for the new year.  We did start a very good natured word count war as we were starting new projects.  At first she was in the lead because she was reworking a manuscript she'd started earlier.  Then she got stuck and I passed her on the inside.  Not by much, but for a week or two there I was really adding to my word count (hallelujah!).

Damn, though, I've fallen behind again, and for a couple of really good reasons.  First of all, I received edits over the weekend for Sold to the Highest Bidder which need to be back to my editor ASAP-  as in drop everything and do them.  I'm hoping to finish them today and send them back.  Then my other editor sent a few requests for some things to be done up also as soon as possible.  So that means probably no adding to word count for the first 3 days of this week.  After that I should be free and clear.

The other REALLY good reason is that Trish has found her mojo and is full steam ahead.  Check out her blog if you don't believe me.  I'm happy for her, really.  If anyone needed to find her mojo, it's her and so I'm trying not to hate her TOO much for breaking 33k.  While I sit a few hundred short of 30.  Sigh.

Warning, Trish.  After tomorrow I'm coming after you.  :-)


  1. LOL on the "word count wars." But would I be right is saying that neither of you topped Kate Hardy's 18k over a weekend?!? I'm still reeling from that one! Caroline x

  2. I'm glad to hear about your word count war with Trish for two very selfish reasons... new reading matter!

  3. Hey, I managed over 12K a few weekends back!!

    But I've fallen behind again, sadly. Like you, had to drop everything and do other writing which was more urgent (erm, because I'm actually being paid for it, instead of it being speculative work like the romance ms!) so now I'm behind schedule by some six thousand words.

    Doubt I'll get back to the ms again this week, sadly. But hope you manage to get all those revisions done and steam back into the lead asap!!