Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday means work

Working on:  revising UAS
Listening to: nothing.  Concentration required.
Reading:  Final RITA book

The weekend was...eventful.  Saturday we ran errands in the morning, and in the afternoon I worked for hours putting tax stuff together.  I would like to get everything to the accountant soon-ish so I organized everything, which, being self employed and working from home is rather involved as household bills need to be tabulated and expenses added. I only need one thing from my dh and we're good to go.

Saturday night the dh and I watched the Olympics and were just going to get ready for bed when we heard one of the kids up upstairs.  I muted the tv and said "Go to bed".  After which I heard the dreaded phrase, "I threw up."

Didn't make the bathroom either.

So here I am steam cleaning the carpet at 1 a.m. and getting youngest a bucket.  All was settled again, but yesterday she was still sick, at least until lunch.  After a failed "nibble" attempt she went to sleep for an hour, woke up and had some saltines and gatorade, and slowly but surely came around, enough to have some chicken noodle soup and 1/3 of a grilled cheese for supper.  She was awfully tired though, so bedtime was not a problem.  In the meantime the dh and I cleaned the house and I did laundry and the eldest and I walked the dog.  I finished reading my second-to-last RITA book and am about 80 pgs into the last one, too.

The weekend ended on a sour note, and that's all I'm saying about last night's hockey game because you really don't want me to get started.

But this morning is better, dd2 felt quite chipper and I packed her a bland lunch and off she trotted to school.  I'm about to dig in to revising UAS and I'm feeling pretty optimistic.  When it comes to second and third drafts, I look at it as one page at a time.  I only have to fix one page at a time and it is quite doable.

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  1. And who doesn't enjoy a good carpet steam at 1am? That's what I'd like to know :P I hope the little one bounces back :)