Thursday, February 11, 2010

Industry Overload

I'm suffering from industry overload.  Every day news hits my inbox or tweetdeck about the writing industry.  Yes, the times they are a changin'.  I know this.  I can't avoid knowing this.  And not everything is all "the sky is falling" but there's enough flux in the works that after a while I just want to pull the covers over my head.  The days of the traditional print novel are gone.  I get it.  Keep pace with the frenetic pace and I just can't.

The thing with change is that inevitably the dust settles.  Trying to keep up on everything is pointless, fruitless, and endlessly frustrating.  There is a part of me that KNOWS I should know what's going on.  And another part that is overloaded and just says, "Shhh.  Quiet.  And write the damn book."

Technology and developments are happening so fast it feels scattered, and so did my brain today  from too much industry noise.

So, my prescription for all of that was to back away from the PC for a few hours, and watch a little bit of timelessness.  The girls and I watched Northanger Abbey (and I laughed because they cheered at the final proposal, quite loudly in fact!) after dinner.  If you remember the earlier debate about Mr. Darcy and when and if he would ever smile, they had a similar thing for Mr. Tilney and his "slightly crooked" grin.  He did appear rather boyish at times and very appealing (played by JJ Field, of Sally Lockhart).

I also had a few episodes of Travels in Europe on the DVR and the girls went nuts over the program on Normandy.  It is hard not to when you move from Rouen to Givenchy, Honfleur, Caen and then Mont St Michel.  They are at an age where Joan of Arc, Monet and D-Day are known quantities so they found it very interesting.

Sometimes it feels like the world is moving so fast we forget to experience things.  Tonight it was nicer just to shut the world away and enjoy an evening with my girls and visit far away places.


  1. It sounds like a great night! I'm inspired to try it :)

  2. A night in watching old favourites on the DVD player sounds a great idea. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  3. Dianne2:46 p.m.

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    Have a great day!