Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How I Spent My Weekend

I love spending time with local writers, and local readers.  There's something really cool about knowing how many people in your area read romance novels or are really talented writers.  For example - there are about 40 members in our local RWA chapter.  And about 25% of that number are published. 

Many of those writers were at The Annex in Tantallon NS for an afternoon of beating the winter blahs.  The Annex is owned by one of our chapter members who just so happens to be writing as well.  Carolyn is fantastic and knows how to put on a program!  In addition to those of us signing books (I signed One Dance With The Cowboy) and reading, there were other authors and writers in attendance as well as readers.  Add into that great food and a great diversity of writing styles and genres (we're talking non fic, poetry, historical, young adult, contemporary) and you can imagine the conversation that ensued!

I'm deep into deadline and the weekend was a bit crazy time-wise, so I'm afraid it was a "hair up" day for me.  But here I am with Heather Veinotte.  Heather's book The Mystery on Skull Island is for younger readers and since my girls LOVE a mystery, I grabbed a copy for them to read during their read-a-thon this week.  It was a chance to get to know Heather a little better too.

Jennie Marsland read from her new book McShannon's Chance and I was intrigued - this book was already sitting on my tbr and is likely going to make a move closer to the top...

Pam Callow had samplers of her upcoming MIRA debut, DAMAGED, and I read it and cursed that I can't actually GET the book until the end of May.

And Julianne MacLean was there.  I adore Julianne as much as I love her books, and she read from When A Stranger Loves Me.  I have this whole trilogy on my TBR taunting me.  One of these days I'm going to indulge. 

Let me tell you, having so many prolific writers in the chapter makes it hellish to try to keep up with all the great writing.  And I haven't even mentioned Lilly Cain, Renee Field or Cathy Fox...I need to catch up before Deborah Hale's new trilogy starts hitting the shelves...

Anyway girls - we rock, don't we?  And thanks to Carolyn for hosting another fantastic event.


  1. You're right, Donna, our chapter rocks. When I joined I never expected to find such a talented and prolific bunch. Saturday was a blast!

  2. I wish I had been there - I was so loaded with a cold I couldn't come, just needed to keel over and crash and not sneeze on anyone. :) I figured you'd thank me for NOT coming, but I wish I had heard you read. I have your latest in MY TBR pile but with deadline looming it will have to wait a wee bit - hope you'll still be up to giving me an autograph!


  3. It was a truly wonderful afternoon. I can't wait to start your book, Donna! :)