Friday, February 12, 2010

Her Lone Cowboy Review

Valentine's Day has come early - literally.  My dh got home, asked if I had any red for tonight, and when I said no, came downstairs with my Valentine's Day present.  A bottle of one of my favourite wines, a heart shaped teensy box of M&M's (since I'm trying to watch what's going in my mouth) and a new mp3 player!  I've been using dd1's the last few weeks and love it, and so while he was away this week he picked one up for me.  It's awesome!  He also grabbed a memory card that fits it - a Billboard fitness mix that has 1000 songs on it.

I was so tempted to order pizza tonight, but I didn't. I made something far more healthy, and now I have my new toy so I KNOW I'm going to be on the treadmill tonight! Good choices one day at a time.

The day had been a bit "pants" as Kate Hardy would say, so another thing happened as I was vacuuming and making supper - I got my review for HER LONE COWBOY from The Pink Heart Society Reviews.  I actually had blink and a sniff about it.  You guys KNOW how much I love this book and reviewer Donna got it.  She really GOT IT.  I loved her descriptions of Lily and fact I don't usually post a whole review but I'm going to this time.

Her Lone Cowboy is book 2 in the Cowboys and Confetti miniseries by this author. It is a powerful story, written about the love and loneliness of someone so courageous he was willing to give his life for his country – then he met Lily.

Noah has lost his right arm in a skirmish in the war. He’s lost his arm, but he saved his men. Does that make him feel any better? No. He still feels it was his fault that they were there in the first place. So here he is, trying to re-learn how to do everything with his left hand, and not succeeding very well. He’s grouchy, he’s frustrated. . . and then the doorbell rings. You just know something’s going to happen. What a hook! We’re only on page two, and I am NOT putting this book down!

Lily is used to belligerence and surliness -- after all, she teaches home-economics at the local high school. Does she let him get away with snarling at her? Does she meekly do as he wants her to do? Not Lily! She stands right up, looks him in the eye and gives as good as she gets. She does not let him get away with anything just because he’s missing part of one arm. She makes him take a good long look at himself, and answer some hard questions.

Once Noah realizes he can trust Lily, he won’t let anyone else help him with anything. She has to go with him when he gets fitted for the tuxedo he has to wear for his brother’s wedding. So how does Lily handle measuring his inseam? How do they work it out for him to hold her while they dance? What decision does he make, in the end, regarding his career?

Lily is so afraid, because of the things in her background, yet, in the end, she digs deep into her soul for the courage to say “yes” to Noah. Noah learns that he is still a very valuable person, in his own eyes, in the eyes of his family, his friends, and his country.

Donna Alward treats the very sensitive topic of amputation with finesse and delicacy. She presents the emotions in this book with such strength as to almost bring you to your knees. Once again she has gifted us with a book impossible to set down. This Larch Valley series has magically taken us to a most beautiful part of our country, with believable characters, passion, and drama, and I truly hope that Donna will honor us with another title from here very soon.

Thanks Donna, for kicking off my weekend in such a great way. 

Tomorrow I'm at The Annex in Tantallon, Nova Scotia signing ONE DANCE WITH THE COWBOY and spending the afternoon with a bunch of other fab authors.  I can't wait to get my hands on Pam Callow's samplers for her MIRA debut coming this June in particular.  If you're in the area, drop in from 1-4.


  1. Donna I can't wait to get a copy of you book now. I'm going to try to pop down to the Annex for a signed copy - Renee (great review)

  2. Hi Donna,

    That is a fabulous review. Hope to pick up "One Dance with A Cowboy" from you tomorrow.

  3. Great review! Congratulations :)

  4. Yay! I am so looking forward to reading this book, even more so now :-)

  5. Fantastic review. I must admit that you had me at the title though. Are there any more evocative word than 'Lone cowboy?"

  6. What a great review Donna. You must be over the moon. Have a great V Day! Caroline x

  7. Hi Donna,

    I was quite a fan of cowboy themes in my teen years, then bikers sort of stole the dust with their throbbing engines and sheepskin-lined ex military flying jackets, not to mention flyer boots. I guess it was all that leather, the smell of it and the cuddly sheepskin!

    But, reading the review of "Her Lone Cowboy" I'm going to be thinking cowpokes and horses again, the latter always the great love of my life!

    Thanks for stirring good memories with your lone cowboy theme.