Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Gracious, it's Wednesday

I can tell already that this is one of those weeks that is going to go whizzing by.  It is already Wednesday!  By the end of today I should be past the 35k mark (am hoping for nearly 40 by week's end).  The dh brought his tax slip home so there is also calling the accountant and setting up an appointment - and then getting my self-employment stuff  - much more considerable than the 3 slips that go with the dh's - ready so she can work her magic.

It is a beautiful sunny winter day here though and the dh and I walked the dog this morning after dropping the kids at the bus stop.  Just under the freezing mark and very white and glittery.  He is home for the morning so we're going to have some coffee and hang out before he jets off for work again.

And tonight, in addition to hitting the gym and eating sensibly (lol) it is finishing up Valentine things as the school celebrations are tomorrow.  Last night we made 68 red chocolate lips, x's and o's.  Tonight we have to do the white and then bag and tie.  There is never a dull moment - and there's also the matter of the RITA reading that needs to be done by month's end.

So...Wednesday it is.  Have a good'un.


  1. You're ability to manage work vs life is amazing. I couldn't possibly concentrate on reading/writing with so many treats laying around ;)

  2. Ooh, the choccy treats sound lovely. (And you're so creative. I'm still in awe of your knitting skills because I cannot do it AT ALL. Or you could come and stay and teach me...)

  3. Not that creative - thank Wilton, for the candy molds and the chocolate wafers. Melt, pour, wrap. If I'm feeling creative, we flavour the different colours. Green = mint, yellow = rum, red = cinnamon...

    And aha on knitting! I'm hopeless with anything that requires dexterity. My latest achievement on the "craft" front were the earrings I made Michelle for her birthday. But I am working on a lovely baby blanket for my niece and I'll post a pic when it's done.

    Hetal - I'm not sure how able I am. It usually winds up with everything done but me looking extremely frazzled with flour spots on my yoga pants.

  4. I agree with you on the title! I can't believe it Wednesday already either. Have a good rest of the week and here's hoping you crack the 40k. Caroline x

  5. Those treats sound amazing! Far more than I'm capable of :D