Friday, January 08, 2010

Where the heck did the week go?

Where did the week go?  A goal of 7500 words ended up at 5900, because I ended up deleting huge chunks of what I'd written (if I had those words, I'd have made word count easily).  Not only that but I realized my hero is devoid of goal and motivation so I need to go back and fix that.  I have an idea.  At least I hope it means no more deleting. 

The house is a mess and things are more cluttered than I'd like - and I don't work well in chaos, so this weekend will be getting everything in hand so that I start next week on target.  It is funny how quickly a well organized household can become disorganized. 

Anyway I have been promising more kitty pictures.  We have nicknamed him the VBC - Very.Bad.Cat.  He's really not, he just has his kittenish moments.  Like chasing our feet when we go to bed...heaven forbid if the dh scratches my back as I am pounced upon.  He also likes climbing up on my cpu.  But he and the doglet are friends now...sometimes playing and sometimes just touching noses.  Cats are remarkably low maintenance compared to dogs, but on the other hand dogs are much better at following commands...

Cats don't DO commands.

Which can cause a bit of a problem when I actually want to sleep and shut the bedroom door and he decides he wants to come in and cries outside the door until I open it....

That being said - he does a good job of keeping my toes warm at night.

These pics are from this afternoon - he discovered the fireplace heat and decided to stretch out, enjoy, and have a bit of a groom.

I'm off for the weekend before my head implodes.


  1. Great cat. Great photo's. Have a good weekend. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Writing for hours ... then having to delete vast tracts of what you've written. I hate that!

    Good luck with your hero's motivation!

  3. How adorable! I just love animals! Your cat's poses are so cute!

    Have a fantastic weekend! Wishing you lot's of motivation on getting that word count back up!

  4. Hi Donna, I wanted to pop over and thank you for all your guidance, assistance and advice on the eharl loops. It is always much appreciated. BTW, I nominated you on my blog for a Kreativ Blogger award. I didn't know what it was but it was passed to me and ended up being fun to do. ENJOY!

    The kitty is precious!