Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just checked my hotmail account and discovered there has been some confusion regarding this month's contests.

I always run my own website contest during a release month etc.  This contest is completely separate from the contest that might have come your way via the Newswire from Author Sound Relations. 

The Newswire asks a question, the answer to which is found in the Once Dance With The Cowboy excerpt on my site.  In the Newswire, the address given to enter is

But I think because people are going to the site, they are also seeing my personal contest on the home page and that might be causing some confusion.  I found tons of newswire entries in my inbox, and unfortunately since Lee at Author Sound Relations is looking after that contest, those entries aren't counted.  I've responded to those entries with the correct e-mail address.  If the reply is short it's only because I had so many entries to redirect.  :-) 

So:  to clarify.  To enter my website contest, send me an e-mail with the name of the ranch in One Dance With The Cowboy and send that answer to

To enter the NEWSWIRE contest, name Jen's bakery (answer found in the excerpt) and then send that entry to

Sorry about the mix up, but look at it this way - you have 2 different ways to enter to win now!  :-)

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