Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Book

Working on:  Under Argentine Skies
Listening to:  Susan Boyle
Reading:  The Lost Symbol

Today marks the start of my new WIP:  which I have FINALLY titled Under Argentine Skies.  I tied myself in knots coming up with a title and for the longest time I thought it was going to be Holiday with the Argentinian Billionaire.  But I changed it.  I'm sure editorial will change it too, as what I've come up with is not typically a Harlequin-esque title.  But it works for my vision of the book and that's what counts at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to writing this one.  By the end of today there should be a word count meter on the sidebar and everything! 

I have also finished my accounts for 2009 so that is one thing less to put together come tax time.  I can start fresh with expenses etc. for 2010.  My house is clean and laundry managed (it's never ended, as we all know) and I have all my blogs etc. done for the month.  So while things are hectic I think I've done an okay job of managing and staying on top of things.  Today my newsletter went out and I also updated my webpage.  My UK cover for Her Lone Cowboy is up there and there is a new page for Sold To The Highest Bidder which comes out in April.  Now I'm just on tenterhooks waiting for the cover... you can read the blurb at Samhain too. I love the blurb - my editor did a great job with it.

January is also the release month of One Dance With The Cowboy - can't forget that!  I'm pretty excited about this duet hitting the shelves.  Official release is January 12.

I am supposed to be blogging at Cataromance today about Charities, and one in particular that goes along with One Dance With The Cowboy.  It's not up yet but then again on the East Coast we are a few hours earlier than many and people do need to have their morning coffee...fingers crossed it shows up soon.

Now -  I'm off for a quick lunch/snack and diving into the book!


  1. I am totally jealous of your organisation and output. Makes me feel like a complete sloth.
    Have a great time!

  2. I'm with Nina! Totally awestruck at your organisational skills. Were you something in "logisitcs" in a previous life - lol! Good luck with the next wip. Sounds good! Take care. Caroline x

  3. Wow you have been a busy bee Donna! I don't suppose you want to do my accounts? I think I'm allergic to numbers... and tax...