Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Reviews

Things are going a little late here tonight so I thought I'd take the chance and post a blog and then tomorrow morning I can launch straight into writing.  It was an eventful weekend. Between birthday parties, sleepovers, and an unexpected trip to the inlaws on Saturday (which is 2 1/2 hours each way) it ended up being a little hectic.  But I did manage to get groceries and clean the house thanks to the help of both kids and the dh, and I also managed to add 800 words to word count which is nice.  Every little bit helps.

I finished reading The Girl From Honeysuckle Farm by Jessica Steele and also Grace Happens by Jan M Czech.

A couple of reviews have come in for One Dance With The Cowboy as well.  The Romance Readers Connection rated it a four and said "This is a terrific category romance filled with relationship angst, sweet attraction, and a strong dose of small town ethics. Jen and Drew are characters I wanted to root for and readers will not be disappointed in this well-written book about the first of the Laramie brothers and the Lazy L ranch."

And Romance Reviews Today said "Even a friendship between these one-time lovers would be complicated, and adding the feelings that they still have for one another makes ONE DANCE WITH THE COWBOY an emotional and poignant tale."'s officially beddy-bye time as tomorrow is another work/school day. 

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