Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day

How did it get to be Wednesday already???  Hmmm?  It is scary when life seems to go one speed and I am going another.

Notable things seen on morning walk:  The pileated woodpecker is back in the neighbourhood.  It was so cold on the morning walk that doglet kept alternating holding paws in the air while we waited at the school bus stop.  And we have very talented pheasants.  Lately they have been flying.  REALLY flying, which is kind of unusual.  Normally they give a squawk and a flutter and if they do fly it is short distance and kind of a hop from place to place.  The other day one flew up into the top of a spruce tree - I'm guessing a good 30 ft up.  Today, one soared - yes soared! - over my head and over the power lines and disappeared into the woods. 

Notable things from yesterday:  Just as I'm sliding dinner into the oven around 5 p.m., out goes the power.  It's winter here and without power - no furnace.  So on went the propane fireplace and we lit some candles, sat around the table and read.  The weather was clear so we expected it to be back on fairly quickly.  But oh no.  By 5:45 we were hungry and so bundled into the truck (dh is away) and thought we'd drive the few minutes into town for a sandwich at Subway or something.  Power is out in town as well...all the way down to the exit....all the way down through Waverley.  So we headed into Sackville and the girls and I had dinner at Boston Pizza which was very good.  We took our time and got home at 7:55.  The power in town was still off but the subdivision was on.  :-)  I called the neighbour to ask when it had come back on as our house was still very cold and it had only been on a few minutes, so what good timing on our part!

I am not blogging anywhere today but I do want to mention that today at the Pink Heart Society a new column is starting up - First Things First with Mira Lyn Kelly.  Mira is a brand new author to Mills and Boon Modern Heat/Harlequin Presents and today features her call story.  Why not pop over and make her feel welcome?

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  1. Lemme tell ya, time *does* seem to be flying some days. For example, I'm 17 weeks along tomorrow! I can't get over how quickly the weeks seem to go. Sheesh.

    Two weeks from today I have my next ultrasound, and we'll see if Junior is going to co-operate and let us know if it's a he or a she! :)