Friday, January 15, 2010

How can it be Friday...AGAIN?

I am not sure how it happened - today is Friday AGAIN.  The last two weeks have been an utter blur. 

Today I'm at the eharlequin Harlequin Romance Group Author Blog, talking about a little something that kept my week a bit off balance.

Tomorrow I'm over at Petticoats and Pistols hanging out with the Fillies.  It's always a great time over there and there is a prize to be won, so pop on over if you get a chance.

Now on with my day.  I'm actually fairly tired today and not sure why. Maybe because it's been sunny all week and today is cloudy.  Or the fact that I stayed up until after 1 Wednesday night reading and then it was after 11 again last night as the husband and I watched the NCIS and NCIS LA that we taped on Tuesday.

Either way-  banking and word count on the agenda.  And possibly the post office.


  1. You're such a busy bee. I guess that can be a good thing though, considering your "very quiet" editors. LOL. Hey, I wanted you to know that there's a Kreativ Blogger Award making the rounds and I decided to pass it onto you for the information, opportunities, and entertainment you provide. You can pick up the badge at my site if you'd like. Happy writing!

  2. What! Friday again (facepalm). Hmm my word verification is tarti. Didn't feel like that when I dressed this morning...

  3. Ahh but you have to watch NCIS.... ;) I'd blame the weather.