Friday, January 29, 2010


Friday has been a popular day this month.  It seems like every time I turn around, it's Friday.

The weather here is gross.  I totally thought school would be cancelled, but no.  It is not snowing as much now as it was (though that's not to say it won't pick up again) but the bus is going to have a horrible time getting up the hill.  As much as I enjoy a quiet work day, I'd rather have the kids home than worry about the bus.

Then there's the fact that the dh is supposed to be flying home this afternoon.  And the crappy roads he's going to have to drive between the airport and here.  We sometimes complain about the gas mileage as our car is an AWD, but days like today I'm really grateful.  It is a BEAST in the snow.

Ah yes.  Snow has already picked up slightly.  I should have kept my mouth shut.

I also fell while walking the dog this morning.  The youngest piped up, "Is there ice under the snow?" and before I could even think of an answer, down I went.  Answer enough in itself.  It didn't hurt (I did mention we got a decent dump of snow, right?) but my pride was a little dented as the neighbour's driveway was being cleared at the time and I did it right in front of the plow guy.  Nice work.

So, I'm nice and cozy and tucked into my newly de-cluttered desk with a space heater by my feet, happy I'm home but wishing everyone else was too.

In work news, I have been chatting back and forth with my editor at Samhain about cover art and I can't wait to show it to you, but it has to go through final approval before we can release it to the world.  I LOVE it.  Seriously love it. 

And if I can finish chapter 8 today I will be in good shape for next month - just over the 30k mark and I am already feeling a bit of the urgency pushing me to the end.  The only thing I'm really questioning at the moment is if I'm going to have to add scenes - if some things need to be shown in real time. I'll know better when I get to the end and see how many words I have to play with, and how the pacing reads as a whole.

But for now I'm off.  Despite the space heater, I am freezing and I think I will make a cup of tea.  Hopefully by tonight we'll all be under the same roof drinking hot chocolate and maybe watching a dvd.


  1. Hope you all survive the snow! Have a good weekend! Caroline x

  2. I try to have Campbell's (original) chicken noodle soup for lunch when I'm cold or feel like I'm getting a cold. Soooo soothing. (Campbell's is one of the few companies that has never discontinued or changed their most successful recipes. Don't you hate it when your favorite mix/food is discontinued or replaced? I know I do.)
    I hope your day is going better by now. I totally can relate to your feelings, as I too feel better once all my family is back under one roof safely. Good luck.

  3. Glad you didn't get hurt! I was worried about getting down our porch steps this morning, but the ground is just as icy. Thankfully our school has been closed, which also means I won't get as much done. Hopefully your family will be home and cozy soon! And yum...soup sounds great about now!

  4. Kids are home - the eldest is currently making Cake! That's very exciting. Has been no cake here for ages. Every now and again you need a treat.

    And the dh is on his way - even though his flight is delayed, he should be home tonight which is v. good news. At least he can wake up in his own bed tomorrow.

    But the weather is still pants.

  5. I can't wait to see the cover art! Keep warm :)

  6. No cake?!

    How do you survive without it?

    Light snow here again last night, but nothing exciting. Wish I had your car. It sounds great. The exhaust has finally fallen off ours, so DH has been underneath it all afternoon, strapping and wiring up the exhaust in the hope that it will keep going another month. That's when the tax runs out on it, and we plan to buy another car. It will be our first 'new' car (still secondhand, but newer than the one we have now, which is a decrepit old banger) in about five years ... all courtesy of his recently departed mother: thanks, Doreen!

    Well done on reaching the 30k mark!!