Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another day, another review....

Working on: Chapter Five of UAS
Listening to: something soothing and motivating is needed - any suggestions?
Reading: A Civil Contract, Georgette Heyer

My reading tally for the year is five so far as I finished Save The Cat! Goes to the Movies last night.  Craft wise it is not as relevant to me as the original Save The Cat!.  The book dissects several movies according to the three act structure.  That said, the section on Buddy Love is particularly relevant to writing romance.

Today it is moving on to chapter five. 

A definite bright spot though is the review I received yesterday from Cataromance for ONE DANCE WITH THE COWBOY.  I have to admit I got a bit sniffly about it.  Highlights include:

"Deftly written, powerfully emotional and resplendent with realistic and believable characters, tear-jerking drama, heartfelt conflict and breathtaking romance, One Dance with the Cowboy is a moving and tender tale about second chances and new beginnings that is simply perfect for losing yourself into on a cold January night!"

I couldn't ask for better than that!  There's more lovely things  in the full review too.

Now I'm off to add to word count.


  1. Donna so glad you got some nice words concerning your book. I know it sure sounds good to me. I entered your contest about what was the name of the bakery but having trouble where to send the answer. I hope to get entered for the contest. susan L.

  2. Blimey what a great review! I can understand why you got a bit sniffly!

  3. Susan - at the bottom of the newswire where the question is asked - there is an e-mail address to send the answer to. Hope that helps.

    And thanks Lacey and Sally!