Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Revisions have arrived!  Am glad, actually.  The dh is working three days this week and three days next, so that means I can work on these without it intruding on family holiday time, and hopefully get them in right after the new year.  They don't look too difficult...perhaps a bit time consuming as they are things that filter throughout, but make perfect sense. 

I'm looking forward to getting into them - and handing it back in again so I can go full steam ahead with the next book.

Right now I'm putting some things together for the post office - prize winners and such - and I have a few blog posts to load and then I'm going to print out my revision letter and examine it more closely in case I have any questions for lovely editor before the Christmas break.

Oh and I got a glimpse of my UK 2 in 1 cover with Diana Palmer that will be out in April.  I love it as it really fits my book.  With the 2 in 1's, they pick one of the two covers, so I'm not sure if the one on this edition is mine or hers.  Either way - it simply works.

Stay warm.  Shortbread and hot cocoa good for that.  :-)

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