Monday, December 21, 2009

Check one more box off the to-do list!

I am refusing to look ahead to January, because the sheer volume of work that will be on my plate is slightly staggering.  But I can say that December has been wonderful.  I've gotten so much accomplished AND I've got myself ready for Christmas in the meantime without feeling utterly exhausted and stressed.  I've even had some time to read.  Bake cookies.  Watch movies.

Today I finished the final polish of a manuscript and sent it to my lovely editor at Samhain.  It was my main work goal for the month and here it is, done.  I know she won't get to it for a while, but the important thing is that it's off my desk so to speak.

I've watched some movies too - like the sheer stupidness of The Love Guru which still made me laugh and I did appreciate the many Canadianisms in it.  The dh and I have been catching up on episodes of Californication and we watched The Bourne Identity yesterday, as we haven't seen it in many years and had forgotten the majority of it.  I also read Don't Bargain With The Devil by Sabrina Jeffries  - I was in the mood for a sexy, historical romp and that was exactly what I got.  Love it when a book delivers! 

But you know what?  Holding books in my left hand plays havoc with my wrist and thumb, so I'm resting it by reading some of the ebooks I've been hanging on to.  Right now I'm reading one of India Grey's and adoring it.  I read Christmas Delivery by Patricia Rosemoor too.  Very enjoyable.  If I keep this up, I'll make 75 books by this year end.  Not the 100 I was aiming for, but a good count just the same.

Anyway I'll deal with January when January is here.  For now, I'm going to enjoy Christmas.


  1. Ooh Donna, didn't know you wrote for Samhain as well, a new source of Donna books! Congrats on getting it onto the editors desk before Christmas, now you can relax and have a drink or two!
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Thanks Sally! No rest for the wicked though. I have to mail out some prizes this morning, and start the prelim work for my next Romance. The more I get done now, the less there is to do later....